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2 Days in the Life of The Dhabolt Family

November 16th, 2012 (10:15 pm)

I feel: loved

I am part of a Due Date Club (turned "Playroom" after our babies were born), in which all the women in the group were due to have a baby on or around August 2012. Anyway, we have this fun activity where we each do a "Day in the Life of..." and take pictures of our ordinary and boring day-to-day activities... and this week it was my turn! I ended up doing 2 days instead of just one, mostly because I forgot about it on the first day, haha! Anyway, here are 2 days of our lives:


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Our second placenta encapsulation

August 15th, 2012 (11:39 am)

I feel: busy

That's right. Just like with our second child, we again encapsulated the placenta with this birth. I'm not going to type too much about it this time, as the journal entry about the last one has all the info about it.

So, without further adieu... here are the pictures. BIG WARNING! These are GRAPHIC pictures of a once-inside-me organ being cooked up, sliced up, and ground up into a powder that is then put into pill capsules for me to consume. If you are sane (unlike me, haha) and don't want to see these pictures, I'd highly advise clicking the red "x" button in the upper right corner of your browser window. ;-)

Click here to see the gore.Collapse )

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The home birth of Brigit Dhabolt

August 3rd, 2012 (01:15 pm)

I feel: sore

Warning... this will contain LOTS of stuff that many will find to be TMI. If you're uncomfortable with that, you might want to skip all this and scroll down to the pictures. ;-) I will try not to post any pictures that have anything really "revealing" on them.


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Ultrasound and Rain's ER trip

March 17th, 2012 (10:31 am)

I feel: exhausted

Well yesterday sure was fun... (sarcasm). It started out great, though. We had our ultrasound! Baby looks happy, healthy, and playful. I have such cooperative fetuses, lol. When I want to know the gender, they spread their legs for the whole world to see, and if I don't want to know the gender, they stay cross-legged! haha This baby stayed cross-legged the entire time, which is what we were hoping for! The techs and the midwife don't even know what the baby is. I was so nervous that I'd accidentally see private parts, as I saw them with both my other two kiddos before the techs even saw it. But yay! None of us know the gender.

The day went downhill after we got home. We got home at about 4:30 and it was past Rhiannon's nap time, so we put her to bed and let her sleep for about an hour. When I went in there to get her up and change her at about 5:30 pm, she was standing on her bed (which she does all the time, she looks out the window in her room), and she was barely on the edge. I guess opening the door startled her and she basically dove off the bed and SMASHED her head into her toybox. I rush in petrified that she hurt her neck or something. She's screaming, of course, and I pick her up and there is this huge gash right below her eyebrow. It's like gushing blood (you know how head wounds are). My husband comes rushing in and was like "OMG!"

So he tries to clean up all the blood on her face, while I'm rushing to get some clothes on (I was in jammies), and get Seamus' shoes on. I also change Rhiannon's diaper while Gwydd is holding her (and of course, it was a poopy diaper...). It takes about 10 minutes for us all to get everyone dressed and out the door. The hospital is only about 2 blocks from the house, so we weren't in a SUPER rush. Anyway, we get there and pretty much all the looks on everyone's faces there were like "ACK! Poor baby!"

The doctor and nurses annoyed us (we always seem to get annoyed with medical professionals... especially in the hospital). Doc said she needed stitches (which we figured... the gash was too large and deep for glue), and that we could do this one of two ways: (a) we can wrap her up like a burrito and hold her head still while the doctor tried to use a sharp needle by her eye to stitch it up while the two year old screams bloody murder; or (b) they can put her under (knock her out) out for about 25 minutes so no one had to hold her still and he could have an easier time stitching her up. Clearly, doc was pushing option b... and he basically made option a sound like a horror show. He also tried to play amateur psychologist and kept telling us that with option a, she might be fearful of hospitals and doctors for years to come... and since my husband would be helping to hold her down, she'd have resentment toward him... yadda yadda.

Anyway, Gwyddion was very uncomfortable with making a 2-year-old unconscious for a 5-minute procedure. He just felt that she was far too young for that. I agreed with him. Then they sent in a set of two nurses to try to convince us to go with option b. Coming in and saying "I'm just coming in as a nurse and a mom to help ease your mind about the drugs...." blah blah blah. She, too played amateur psychologist. Good gods we hate hospitals, lol... So we told them our decision, they were disappointed, but were like "well... alright...". Then the doctor came back in, and after we told him our final decision (option a), suddenly that option sounded much less like a horror show. He said that they'd give her a local anesthetic (didn't even MENTION that beforehand... he made it sound like she would have no pain relief) and that it should go pretty smoothly. The hardest part will be her screaming because she's immobilized. Well gee, that sounds about a million times better than how he described it before! But of course, they want to push the drugs, so none of that is even mentioned at the initial consultation.

When they FINALLY came in to do the procedure, they asked me to take Seamus to the waiting room while Gwydd stayed there to help hold her head in place. She screamed for a bit, especially when they gave her the local. But then she calmed down for the most part and even though she was still pissed that she couldn't move, the procedure went pretty smoothly (there were parts when Gwyddion got a little sad for her because she was yelling "Dad! Dad!" and "All done! All done!" aww...). The whole thing took about 5 minutes, and afterward, she hugged Dad and said "thank you" to the doctor, LOL. They all thought that was super cute. Hmm, sounds like she's not all that resentful of doctors and of Daddy. Immediately after, she was basically acting like none of this even happened, haha.

Today her eye is still swelled up, she's got a black eye of sorts, and we were told that the black eye might get worse in the next few days, but not to worry. She's running around the house today, annoying her big brother, and basically acting like nothing ever happened, LOL. Figures that she's already trying to steal her little brother or sister's thunder! Yesterday was an "all-about-baby" day, and she was like "Well I'm not having that!", haha...

Anyway, here are some ultrasound pics, and some pics of Rhiannon's eye gash.

Baby didn't really give us any profile shots, unfortunately. While "he" was nice and cooperative about NOT showing us the goods, he was also basically bouncing off the walls and rolling around constantly. So no profile pics, unfortunately. Oh well!

Here's Rain's eye gash (from right after we got to the hospital). It definitely looked worse in person. That gash was actually really deep.

And here's her right after getting the stitches:

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Seamus' First Haircut!

February 20th, 2012 (01:26 pm)

I feel: happy

Seamus has finally gotten his first haircut!  It had just got to the point where it was too long and too unmanageable.  That baby hair is so thin and fine that his hair would knot up pretty badly.  So we had Seamus look through pictures to pick out what he wanted his hair to look like (and I'm not ashamed to say that I "strongly encouraged" him to pick longer hairstyles, lol).  Anyway, he picked what he liked the best and off we went!

Here are the picturesCollapse )

I think it looks great! Unfortunately his hair wasn't long enough to donate. :-( Maybe next time! And no, we're not planning on getting it cut again for quite some time.

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First Midwife Appt.

December 20th, 2011 (12:46 pm)

I feel: happy

Ok, the midwives just left.  I had a nice 2-hour-long appt (*big smile*) in my home.  Denise is the primary midwife and Amy was the other midwife.  Anyway, I filled out some paperwork, talked about history, what I want with my birth, etc etc, I got weighed (I already gained 4 lbs!), peed in a cup (to test protein levels and such), and listened for a heartbeat.  It's still early on (I'm 8 weeks today), so it's not uncommon to not hear a heartbeat, but when it took a while to find, I was getting a bit nervous.  We DID hear the flutters of the heartbeat (yay!), but my uterine arteries were so strong that it was overpowering the heartbeat.  But, it was there!

I have another appt with them in two weeks, so hopefully we'll get a better heartbeat sound then.  I didn't take a video this time only because the uterine arteries were overpowering the flutter of the fetus, so you wouldn't be hearing much.  Maybe at the next appt!

They're also going to have me go to the hospital labs sometime next week to get an early glucose test and urinalysis.  They do their glucose tests a bit different than most hospitals.  They take one early and about mid-pregnancy, so that they can compare.

Anyway, overall a good appt!  Seamus showed them almost every toy in his room, lol.  And Rhiannon coloured on some of the papers (*sigh*), thankfully they weren't the important papers... but still...  Can't wait until the next appt!  They are currently at a birth now, so it's awesome that they spent so much time here to get to know us and such.  Not like a typical hospital appt that takes like 15 minutes (with 30 minutes in the waiting room, lol), and it was in home, so that was great.  Nice and comfortable. :-D

Oh!  What was also cool was that I mentioned that we will be keeping the placenta, and I found out that Amy is a professional placenta encapsulationist!  We will encapsulate it ourselves, like we did with Rhiannon's, but it's still cool that she is supportive of that and does it herself. :-D

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Seamus' New Homework Schedule

December 15th, 2011 (12:20 pm)

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Ok, so I'm ATTEMPTING to post more on this journal.  We've said from the very beginning (I mean, since my pregnancy with Seamus) that we planned to homeschool our children... and we've kept that plan!  Seamus has been homeschooled for about a year now.  Reading is his best subject.  He is now reading chapter books (like The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle, and Charlotte's Web) all on his own, which is amazing considering he is not even 5 yet!  So proud of him!

The main things we've focused on with homeschooling this past year is reading, handwriting, sight words, and telling time.  We've also done memory activities, sequencing, and just general learning activities.

We've had our ups and downs.  I'm not going to lie, there are days that it's incredibly frustrating.  Homeschooling *IS* a commitment, and it's not for everyone.  I've had moments of extreme frustration that I'm not proud of... but they happened.  I've learned from that, he's learned from it... and now we have far more good days than bad.  Even though we sometimes have those bad days, I'm very glad that we homeschool and I definitely feel that it's the best choice for our family. :-)

Anyway... now that Seamus has a lot of the basics down, we're ready to start formally introducing some more subjects (ie Math and Science).  His "telling time" book is actually two sections: Time and Money.  So now we are getting into more Math-centered subjects.  After New Year's we'll be doing basic Math on Mondays and Wednesdays, and money on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He's also been *INCREDIBLY* interested in outer space for the past month or so (which is awesome because Astronomy has always been a subject that I've loved) and we have watched TONS of documentaries together on the subject.  He already knows so much about it, but we're going to start getting a bit more formal with it and actually start doing lessons.  So on Mondays and Wednesdays, after Taekwondo, we'll be doing some Science lessons (particularly Astronomy).  Reading, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, and sentence structure will still be the majority of his lessons though.

Well, here is the basic rundown of his new homework schedule (which will start after New Year's):

Seamus' Homework Schedule

Every morning Seamus is allowed to play one half hour on his Leapster.  After which, he has breakfast.

Monday and Wednesday:
Morning- Handwriting
-movie time-
Quiet time- Read a chapter of book & Sight Words
After Taekwondo- Science (Outer Space)
After Dinner- Math (Basic Math)
-1/2 hour of video games.

Tuesday and Thursday:
Morning- Handwriting
-movie time-
Afternoon- Writing Practice
Quiet Time- Read a chapter of book & Spelling
After Quiet Time- Can play with toys for one hour.
After Dinner- Math (Money)
-1/2 hour of video games.

Morning- Handwriting
-movie time-
Quiet Time- Read a chapter of book & Sight Words
After Quiet Time- Can play with toys for one hour.
After Dinner- Art
-1/2 hour of video games.

Morning- Handwriting
-movie time-
Quiet Time- Read a chapter of book
After Quiet Time- Can play with toys for one hour.
Gifted Reading Activities
-1/2 hour of video games.

-movie/tv day-
Quiet Time- Read a chapter of book
After Quiet Time- Can play with toys for one hour.
Gifted Reading activities
-1/2 hour of video games.

Sunday is mostly his "free day".  He's allowed to watch TV all morning before lunch, but he still has to read during his quiet time and he will have one homework sheet to do after play time.  But in general, Sunday is mostly a free day.  Reading during quiet time is something he does every day.

If you're wondering what "religion/spirituality" means... basically, it's not really a "homework" thing.  If he wants, we can do a ritual together, he can meditate... I also have a children's Wicca workbook that he can do (it's mostly colouring and other activities, but it has a Wiccan theme to it)... we can also learn about other religions and spiritualities... talk about what HE believes.  Obviously he's too young to really make up his mind one way or another, but we can discuss questions and how he might view things, etc.

When it comes to homeschooling, I *like* structure.  I like having a schedule.  It makes things easier to get accomplished, in my opinion... and I personally feel that structure is good for kids.  That said, we're not anal about "the schedule".  We are very flexible.  We might not get everything planned done in one day, we might skip days.  The schedule is a guide... it's not set in stone and the world isn't going to end just because we didn't do vocabulary one day.

Later in the year (2012), we do plan on enrolling Seamus in a school called Iowa Street School.  It's technically a public school, however, it's primarily a homeschool center.  There are two tracks: Track A, which has the student going to school in class for 3 days a week, while the rest of the week is homeschooling; and Track B, which is full homeschooling, and the school provides curriculum and tests.  We'll see how we like it the first year, and if we do, we will continue going this route.

Anyway, this was incredibly long.  Just wanted to update on the homeschooling, post our new schedule, etc.  I want to try to post more homeschooling updates (scanned pictures of his worksheets, projects, etc)... so hopefully I stick with it!

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Baby #3 on the way! Plus midwife conversation

November 18th, 2011 (05:07 pm)

I feel: excited


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Dhabolt Family Samhain Celebration 2011!

November 1st, 2011 (12:02 pm)

I feel: busy

We had a fantastic Samhain/Halloween yesterday!  First things first, here's the videos I have for Samhain.  The second one is very long...

Part 1 actually takes place AFTER the first section in the second video, but I was able to upload this one first.

Alright!  Now the pictures!Collapse )

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Long overdue update!

October 15th, 2011 (11:47 am)

I feel: accomplished

It's been so long since I've updated our family journal.  Mostly because I update on Facebook.  But other family members don't use Facebook, so they don't see our updates.  Plus, I wanted to try to keep up with my journal!

In the previous entry, Seamus had just become an orange belt in Taekwondo.  Well, he's now a yellow belt! <3  Doing great in the class, though he's not so great at the kicks, haha.  He's a couple months shy of 5 years old and growing like a weed.  He's still one of the shortest kids in Taekwondo though!  Not surprising, considering my (lack of) height... and Gwydd didn't shoot up in height until he reached puberty.  So, it's not at all surprising that our kids are shorties for now.

We've started homeschooling "officially"... yet not OFFICIALLY.  Meaning, we've had a school schedule since he turned 4 that we mostly follow (we're very flexible), but he hasn't officially entered school age according to the law, so there's no official forms or anything like that we've filled out.  Yes, we do plan to home educate all our kids for most of their schooling years.  Next year we will be enrolling Seamus in the Iowa Street School... which is a homeschooling-based public school in our town.  They have two programs: (1) Students spend part of their schooling in a classroom and part of their schooling at home; and (2) Students are homeschooled the whole time, minus school functions and get-togethers... and the school provides the curriculum and help should we need it.  We will likely go with option 2, but we'll see.  It's so great that we have resource like this though!

How has Seamus been doing with homeschool?  Well, right now our homework schedule is:
Handwriting at about 9am
Sight Words at about 2pm (he does these during his "nap", at the end of each week we have a spelling test using these words)
Telling Time homework right after dinner

He's almost done with his Telling Time section, and next we will be alternating days where one night he will do Money homework, and the next night studying the Solar System (he chose that subject).  We have math homework planned for him, but the math curriculum we got won't be here until January (it hasn't released yet, but I pre-ordered it).  He's doing very well overall.  We have issues with him sometimes... like him goofing around and not doing his work.  But all-in-all, for a 4-year-old, he is rather advanced.  He's reading *chapter books* on his own now.  Really.  Right now he's reading "The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle", which is a 4th grade level book.  And he's reading it on his own (he reads it during his nap).  Every day he reads a chapter.  The first chapter he read to us in the truck, and he's now on chapter 5.

He's still occasionally having "accidents".  They are FAR less often than they used to be (it used to be rare that he'd wake up and his bed was dry, but now it's the opposite).  He'll go weeks and weeks without an accident.  However, the last two days he's peed his bed for some reason. :-/  He says it was because he was too tired to get out of bed. :-/  I hope this doesn't last.  I like not having to waste water by doing laundry every day.

Things Seamus loves: Blue and orange, Snow White, Aladdin, watching Dad cook, video games (*sigh*), saying "poop" at the dinner table, he says his favorite foods are "stir fry and kabobs" but I don't think that's true... he's just saying that because he's playing with his pretend stir fry and kabob sets, lol... He also likes painting and reading.... and annoying the hell out of his sister.  Speaking of...

Rain is currently just under 21 months old.  Her personality is SOOO different from Seamus, it's crazy!  I mean, not crazy because they are separate people, haha... but you know what I mean.  Sometimes I think of her as Grumpy from Snow White.  She's mastered that pushed out bottom lip look.  She is totally a little miss cranky pants.  When she's just looking around, she has this scowl on her face... it's kind of funny.  I created our family in The Sims 3 a couple days ago and made sure to give Rain the "grumpy" trait.

Conversely, she is also extremely affectionate and clingy.  Seamus was NEVER like that... he was always Mr. Independent and was never keen on too much hugging/kissing/holding.  I mean, Seamus is affectionate, but in a quick kind of way.  Hug, kiss, Eskimo kiss, butterfly kisses, big hug, big kiss, done (that's his hug/kiss bedtime routine).  Rhiannon, however, she can hug you for several minutes at a time and loves to be held.

Signing: Rain know TONS of sign language (just like her brother did -and still does- when he was her age).  She watches Signing Time every morning while eating her breakfast (did the exact same with Seamus pretty much).  The words she signs most often: milk, more, please, thank you, I love you, good night, doll, Seamus, dog, cat, cereal, banana, potato, mom, dad, Seamus, Rhiannon, annnd... I can't think of any more she uses frequently... though I'm sure there are a few more.

Talking: She babbles more than anything.  "Toddler talk" is what I call it.  She says "hi!", "bye" (though it sounds more like "hi", as she doesn't really get the b-sound... but you can tell it's "bye" based on the context), eye (her favorite body part), nose, no, yeah! (exclamation point necessary), banana ("nana"), Nana (my mom), nawnaw (me... She has trouble saying M's... so she says that instead of Mama), um... oh!  She's also been saying "8, 9, 10!" a lot recently... which is very cute.

Potty Training:  Basically, NON EXISTENT.  She is not interested in the potty.... at all.  She'll sit on it for like a second or two (with her diaper on), but she is just not interested AT ALL.  *sigh*

Rain thinks Seamus is HILARIOUS.  Well, 70% of the time.  The other 30%, he annoys the crap out of her, lol.

At her last appointment (18 months) she weighed 21 lbs, 12 oz and she was 31 inches tall.

Gwyddion and me:
Well we are now officially trying for our next baby!  The month of September, we were NTNP (not trying, not preventing) as I wasn't TOTALLY ready to full-on TTC (try to conceive).  I was hesitant at first because... well Rhiannon is SO dang clingy and needy (she's a total sweetheart though) and sometimes the chaos of a clingy/needy/grumpy toddler and a 4-year-old going through a talking-back/disrespectful phase was just.... too much to handle.  However, things have started to calm down in the past few months.  Rain's becoming more independent (she loves playing outside in our backyard by herself a lot, so that's nice) and Seamus' attitude has been better.  So when September finished up, I felt a LOT more at ease about trying for another baby.  And now I'm really excited!

When we do get pregnant, we will NOT be finding out the sex of the baby until birth.  I made this choice for a couple reasons.  One, we already have one of each, so we have what we need and don't need to "prepare" really; two, I'd really really like the surprise of not knowing until I give birth... I used to think people who did that were crazy, but I really think it would be awesome to have it be a TOTAL surprise <3; and three... this is a more, um, I guess political/idealogical/feminist/whatever-word-I'm-looking-for reason, but... I feel like the sex of my baby really, really, REALLY doesn't matter.  Whether it's biologically male or biologically female, it's treated no different, and therefore, shouldn't matter.  It's the least of my concerns about the baby.  Besides, he/she could always grow up and change their gender... so it's something that I just don't think is very important.  Sure, I'd like to surprise of knowing what sex my child is biologically, but I don't put much actual *importance* on it.  That said, even though I feel that way, I have different bedding sets and names and such picked out depending on what sex the baby is, haha... so I guess I'm a little hypocritical... but I've decided what aspects of that are and are not important to me.  *shrugs*

I'm nervous and excited at the same time about having another baby.  More excited than nervous.  But that first year with Rhiannon was pretty difficult.  A very needy baby with a just-out-of-toddlerhood child who wanted attention.  It was pretty nerve-wracking.  So the idea of going through that again is kind of... not appealing, haha.  But thankfully Seamus will be 5-6 by the time the next baby is born and can probably entertain and play with his sister if the baby needs my undivided attention.

Do we have names picked out? Why certainly!  And I don't mind sharing them.  Opinions aren't really welcome... I mean, you can give them, but they aren't going to mean much to us.  We've had these names picked out for a long while now, so they are set in stone.

Boy name: Conan Iain Searlas
Conan, we've had picked out for about.... 3 and a half years.  I initially wanted Calum, but Gwydd chose Conan from an Irish names book.  At first I was indifferent about it (thinking people would assume we are fans of either O'Brien or the Barbarian... and truth be told, we ARE O'Brien fans, lol... and Gwydd has played the Barbarian video games... so that made me wonder even more if people would think we got the name from either of those sources... when it was simply a name that Gwydd thought sounded nice).  But the more I tossed around the name in my head, the more RIGHT it felt.  Now, almost 4 years after choosing Conan, I can't imagine our next son being named anything BUT Conan. <3
Iain is pronounced like EE-in... just like Ian (Iain is the Scottish spelling).  It's the Scottish form of John.  This is one of my ALL-TIME favorite names (#3 on my list behind Seamus and Padraig)... and it's also a family name (tons of Johns on Gwydd's side), so that makes it all the more perfect to me.
Searlas is "SHAR-les", it's the Irish form of Charles.  This was Gwydd's choice.  Most of the John's on Gwydd's side are named John Charles, so this is a nod to them.  And for that reason, I love it.  However, there was much debate between us over this at first.  I wanted to use Aengus (my #4 favorite male name... and the name of an Irish god)... Conan Aengus Iain.  I loved the flow of that too... as it bothered me that Conan and Iain kind of rhymed and they were right next to each other, so Aengus also served as a buffer between the names.  But at the end of the day, we went Gwydd's choice.  The family significance was more important (to both of us).  I've now gotten used to it and love it.  But there was one condition... if I can't use Aengus as our next son's middle name, we WILL be using it as a first name for a third son, should we have one, lol.

Girl name: Brigit Gwyneira Aine
Brigit is the name of an Irish goddess.  For the longest time, we were spelling it Brigid, because that's the spelling I'd always seen used in books that mentioned the goddess.  However, I did further research, and it turns out that Brigid is the common spelling used when talking about St. Brigid... but Brigit is actually the spelling that refers the the goddess (even though people often use Brigid for the goddess, Brigit is actually the correct spelling for her).  That put me in a bit of a dilemma because I'd gotten so used to the D-spelling.  But I'm a stickler for accuracy.  If I'm specifically naming her after the Irish goddess (which I am), we should use the spelling that is the correct spelling for the goddess.  I'm still getting used to it, but I think I like it more anyway.
Gwyneira is Welsh and means "white snow".  This is for Gwyddion and for me (my name is Niamh Guinevere).
Aine is "AWN-ya", which is an Irish goddess.  Her name means "radiance" (which happens to also be what Niamh means).  Also, Aine is often used as an Irish form of Ann/Anna (even though the names are not actually related... just in sound)... so this is also after my mom, who's middle name is Ann.

ANYWAY... !  This was *insanely* long, kudos to anyone who actually read all of this.  Sorry there are no pictures!  Consider yourselves updated!

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Seamus is now an ORANGE BELT! (pics & vid)

March 17th, 2011 (07:55 pm)

I feel: exhausted

Today was Seamus' testing for his orange belt!  He started doing Taekwondo about.... oh... 5 or 6 weeks ago (I don't remember the exact date) as a white belt in the Tiny Tiger program.  And today was the day he got a chance to move up to ORANGE belt!

He did pretty well.  Still had issues with turning when you're supposed to turn in his Songahm Two form.  He keeps facing one direction instead of turning.  But that's ok.  We'll keep working on it!

To help train at home, we have been consulting YouTube videos and I made some flash cards for Seamus so that he could remember the order of Songahm Two, and what each of the moves are.  Believe it or not, but he's come a LONG way since his first few classes!  His biggest problem, like I said, is turning at the appropriate spots in the form.  Despite that though, he got his orange belt!  Anyways, here's a video of the white belts doing the Songahm Two (first half) form at testing (Seamus is in the middle... you can tell it's him because he doesn't turn with everyone else, LOL):

Click HERE to see the video and picturesCollapse )

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Unpaper Towels and my business dilemma

February 21st, 2011 (01:21 pm)

I've been getting quite a few requests for unpaper towels lately... which is AWESOME! The only problem is... I don't know what to charge for them! This is why I'm not *officially* selling them yet, lol.

Anyway, here's the rundown:

I sell unpaper towels in either a set of 12 ("regular") or a set of 18 ("large"). They are 11"x11" each. One side flannel, the other side terry cloth. Each towel has four snaps on it (two female snaps, two male). There is also a center tube made out of the same fabric that slides onto most paper towel holders (It's about 3" in diameter and has two snaps on it, as well as a NivyNaps tag).

A set of 18 requires 4 yards of fabric (two flannel, two terry). The fabric, depending on the print, brand, etc... is anywhere between $5-9 PER yard. Most of the time it's about $8 or $9 per yard. That means, to make a set of 18, I spend just under $40 of my own money. That's not including the snaps and thread (and time to make them).

A set of 12 is 2/3rds of the set of 18, so it costs me just under $27 to make a set of 12 (again, not including snaps, thread, and time).

The point of a business is to make profit. Yes, it's also nice that I'm helping to provide people with more stylish ways of going green, and that's TOTALLY awesome! But plain and simple... the point of a business is to make money... not lose it. That said, charging $35-50 seems so high to me! And I'm afraid that people won't buy the product if it's that high. My husband suggested $35 for a set of 12 and $50 for a set of 18. Taking out the cost of the fabric, the remaining balance is that I'd be getting paid just under $3 an hour for making them (it takes me about 4-5 hours of straight work to make a set of 18). I guess when you look at it this way, the costs seem reasonable.

But still... it just feels high to me. Would I pay $50 for a set of unpaper towels?

I have to really sit here and think about it. I mean, people pay $30+ for FITTED diapers (Goodmamas and the like)... but I would personally *never* pay that much for a diaper, but other people do. I can make at least 4 diapers out of two yards of fabric (not including the absorbent material if it's a fitted or AIO). I don't charge anywhere near $30 for my fitteds, but I charge enough to cover the costs of making the diaper, with a little left over for profit. My fitteds are $12.95 each (sized, not one-size). So when I compare it to diapers, $35 for twelve 11"x11" double-sided towels WITH snaps doesn't seem so unreasonable. Nor does it seem all that unreasonable to charge $50 for a set of 18.

I look at other unpaper towels around, and MOST of them are around that price (most of the ones I've seen for cheaper use cheaper fabric options... so less quality). So I'm asking for your guys' opinions... how much would YOU be willing to pay for a set of either 12 or 18 *reusable* stylish unpaper towels that you can snap together and have neatly on a roll? They can be used for table napkins (which is what we usually use ours for), cleaning up food and kitchen messes, and other uses that you would normally use paper towels for. Depending on how often you use paper towels (for us, it used to be for almost EVERYTHING), you'd probably make your money back from the savings on paper towels. So what do you think??

Issue #2: Shipping.

This has been my big downfall in my business. I never know what to charge! I can't stand businesses that JACK UP the shipping costs, so I've always tried to remain fair with how much I charge for shipping. Problem is, several times, I've ended up paying more for shipping than I charged. :-/ The last set of unpaper towels I sent out, cost me $10 in shipping (I charged $5). And it never seems to be the same. I weighed a set of 12 unpaper towels, with a box, and it came out to 1 lbs. 8 oz. I have to send them via box and not envelope (which is how I send diapers usually). Now, I received a box from a friend, that was just under the weight of unpaper towels, and she was able to ship it for $5.70. *sigh* This is what I mean here... shipping seems to be all over the place! :-/

I don't really have a question for you guys in regards to shipping... mostly just venting. :-/

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Birthdays & Taekwondo

February 8th, 2011 (07:38 pm)

I feel: productive

Part 1: Birthdays and Park!

I have not updated my LiveJournal in a long time (blame Facebook!  Zuckerbeeeeerrg! --Inside joke).  Anyways, anti-facebook family needs some updates!

So below I have listed some pictures of Seamus & Rain's birthday party.  We celebrated it on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend because it was a long weekend and my mom came down to see us.  We went to the Wild Animal Safari Park (they changed the name of it).  We had fun.  Lots and lots of walking though!  I don't think my mom and step-dad found it as fun as we did (because of all the walking in the heat), but everyone had a good time overall.  Especially the kids, and that's the most important part!

CLICK HERE for pictures of the Safari Park and birthdaysCollapse )

Part 2: Taekwondo!

So Seamus has started taking Taekwondo classes!  He's having lots of fun and is learning a lot.  He goes every Monday and Wednesday (and one Saturday per month).  At the beginning of each class, Seamus and his other classmates have to repeat the "Tiny Tiger Oath", which goes:

"I'm a Tiny Tiger.  Rawr.
I promise to be a good person.
With knowledge in my mind,
honesty in my heart,
strength in my body,
and to make good friends."

It's pretty cute.

Anyways, CLICK HERE for a video and some picturesCollapse )

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Dhabolt Family Yule/Christmas 2010

December 28th, 2010 (12:53 pm)

I feel: accomplished

Just like the last entry, I'm just going to link to my Photobucket for the Christmas pics. Click here, and press "previous" to see each picture until you can't click anymore. ;-)

And here's a video of our Yule celebration (December 21st), yes, Seamus said "buttcrack!" at the end of it, haha.

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Camping/Thanksgiving pics 2010

December 17th, 2010 (10:54 am)

I feel: productive

I *finally* finished uploading and editing our Thanksgiving/Camping pics.

For Thanksgiving, my mom and step-dad invited us to go "camping" with them in Julian, California. I use the term "camping" loosely as we stayed in a cabin, lol.

Instead of posting the TONS of pictures I have, here is the link to my photobucket Thanksgiving album:

The pictures are last to first. The very bottom pictures are from Thanksgiving a couple years ago, lol. So ignore those. :-P

If you want to view the pics in the correct order, start here:¤t=101123_01.jpg and click "Previous" until the end. :-)

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Seamus & Rain's Christmas/Birthday Wishlists

November 24th, 2010 (02:37 pm)

I feel: productive



It's going to be a light Xmas on our end (what with buying a house and all, lol), so we're only looking to get gifts for family members. Gwydd and I are also not expecting any gift either, just concerned about the kids. :-)

For Seamus, some 4T clothes would also be nice (I didn't put any in his wishlist though), and 12M clothes for Rain (several in the wishlist).

Don't waste money on wrapping! We will wrap the gifts with the packing paper from moving (Seamus and I will be decorating the paper and recycling it by using it as wrapping). :-)

Happy holiday season everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving. ;-)

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Picture Update

November 20th, 2010 (12:47 pm)

I feel: accomplished

Just a bunch of pictures from the past 2 weeks.

Click here to see the picturesCollapse )

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Samhain/Halloween 2010

November 1st, 2010 (10:37 am)

I feel: exhausted

Our first holiday in our new house! YAY! :-D

So this year, Gwydd and I had a super awesome idea to be Worf and Jadzia from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. In the show, they get married, so that's why we picked them, lol. Initially I wanted to be a Klingon and Gwydd wanted to be one too... but the more we thought about it, the more it seemed like a neat idea to be Worf and Jadzia, haha.  For reference, here's Worf and Jadzia:

You may notice from these pictures that Gwydd is wearing jeans and he didn't do the make up to blend the Klingon mask in like he had planned to do. The reason for the jeans is because the costume didn't come with the pants. Gwydd thought he had a pair of black pants, but when we looked for them we couldn't find them. He remembered that the pants he was thinking of were too small and we had put them in the Good Will bin a long time ago. The no make-up is because he has to work tomorrow, and he didn't want to have to spend so much time taking all the make-up off. We'll be the same things next year though, so maybe he'll do it then. Oh, and he doesn't have Worf's sash. I was going to knit one for him, but ran out of time. Maybe next year. :-)

Rhiannon was a unicorn (sort of). Rain's costume was HUGE on her, and frankly, she hated it, lol. Totally different than how Seamus was his first Halloween. He loved wearing his dragon costume back in 2007 (even though he was only 9 months old). We got a few pics of Rain with the unicorn headpiece on, but that's it. She did, however, wear her shirt with the unicorn on it, haha. Her outfit is so big that she'll probably be able to wear it next year too. Which is what we're planning.

Seamus was an astronaut. For about a year now, he's been telling us that he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. Maybe a childhood fantasy, maybe not... we'll see! But it seemed only fitting that this year he be an astronaut for Samhain/Halloween. :-)

Anyways, here are the pictures of our night! click here to see pictures...Collapse )

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Life with a home

October 23rd, 2010 (09:07 am)

I feel: exhausted

Alright.  We've been living in our new home for a little less than a week now.  We are still very excited about buying our first place and so happy with our home!  That said, the realities of home ownership have set in, so to speak, haha... little problem after little problem really starts to take it's toll!

Number one problem: Electric.  Many many many MANY outlets do not work and most of the outlets are not grounded, and the light in the bathroom isn't working (it's an electrical issue, not a bulb issue... I wish it were that simple! lol).  We're having an electrician come and replace the circuit breaker to an upgraded version (ours is like 50 years old, lol...).  But of course, that's some fat dollars right there.  Gwydd will replace the outlets to grounded ones himself (the electrician told us that he would charge out the ass to do it).

Number two problem: Gwydd's lack of experience in fixing problem number one, lol.

Number three problem: Plumbing.  There's a leaky pipe in the master bath, easily fixable, but we're annoyed by it because the previous owners were supposed to fix that (it's in the contract).  And we're annoyed because our REA was supposed to do a walk-through of the house himself to make sure those types of problems were fixed.  Anyways, we haven't fixed that pipe yet because it's low on our priorities.
We got a new dishwasher and fridge the other day and they arrived last night.  The previous dishwasher was basically one of the first ones ever invented, LOL.  The thing was ancient and rusty.  We put it through one wash cycle (before we bought the house) and it used a TON of water!  :-O  Not okay by us!  The fridge was also a real cheap standard fridge, with a broken shelf.  Oh, and the double oven is super old too, and TINY!  Definitely wouldn't be able to cook very much in it.  We knew all this about the appliances before we bought the place though... so we knew we'd have to replace them all.  That's okay by us, just pricey!!  Anyways...

So we get the new fridge and dishwasher in last night.  The fridge is the EXACT width as the area it goes in.  There's this stupid wall that comes out perpendicular of the main wall separating the kitchen from the dining room.  The wall only comes out about a foot and a half.  It's useless and pointless.  Anyways, this partial wall is one side of the area that holds the fridge (the other side is cabinetry) and it's the EXACT width of the new fridge.  This made me nervous, because obviously, you need a little bit of wiggle room.  Gwydd was sure it would work though.  *sigh*  Well, the delivery guys and Gwydd try to squeeze the fridge in, and surprise!  It won't go in.  We tell the delivery guys that we're good, we'll figure it out, and they leave.  We decide to put the fridge aside for the time being and at a future date we'll tear down that stupid useless partial wall.  Well that wasn't good enough for Gwydd, lol.  He starts hammering out the dry wall right there.  "Everything's fine, Seamus, go back to playing in your room." LOL

We were a bit nervous that there might be electrical in the wall because there was a light switch on there (that turns on the light in the kitchen), but turns out that was the only electrical in it.  So we can easily move that light switch.  Gwydd knocks out one side of the drywall (the fridge side) and that gives us another half inch to squeeze the fridge in.  Of course, the wall looks like shit now, LOL, but we'll eventually take the rest of that stupid wall down.

So we finally get the fridge in, turn it on, connect the water line to it (so we can use the water and ice function), and everything looks great (except the wall, of course).  Gwydd gets our first glass of water from the fridge.  We open the fridge and check out Gwydd's hard work.  Oh crap... the water function is leaking all over the inside of the fridge.  The filter is loose.  So I go turn off the water supply outside.  Gwydd soaks up all the leaking water with towels, then tightens the water filter.  That should fix it.  I turn on the water supply again.  Gwydd tests the water feature on the fridge.  Again, the water filter is leaking.  WTH?!  He scours over the instructions, tries a few things (I make several trips outside turning off and on the water) it's still not working correctly.  By now it's like 10:30 pm.  We're not going to get this.  Gwydd is cranky, hungry, and tired.  So we decide to leave it for now.  The fridge itself is working, just need to fix the stupid water thing.  We'll look it up online tonight.  He'll get it eventually!


We've gotten two rooms painted so far, and will work on the others in the near to distant future.  Not at the top of our list though.  We got all our stuff from storage delivered on Wednesday, so since then, in addition to trying to fix all the damn electrical, plumbing, and appliance issues, we've been surrounded by boxes, and going through box after box after box.  Gwydd's desk, which is a crappy $50 WalMart desk he got years ago finally went kaput.  We didn't think it'd survive the last 3 moves, but the thing magically seems to make it every time.  But this final move was it.  So there's another expense.  We won't be buying new desks (for both of us, as my desk is on it's last leg right now) until after Xmas (which is around the time Gwydd is getting a bonus).

Anyways, it's been a LOOOOONG week.  I can't wait until all these small-issues-that-when-put-together-becomes-a-large-issue gets resolved so we can finally start ENJOYING our new home. :-)

On the plus side, the painted rooms look GREAT!  Now, granted, we did it ourselves, so it's not perfect looking (especially our bedroom, which is where we learned all the mistakes not to repeat in the living room, lol), but the colours look awesome.  The teal-ish colour in our room matches/contrasts beautifully with our red, gold, orangey Indian/Moroccan bedding and decor.  The living room is a orangey-yellow (we're also going to use this same colour for the ceiling in our bedroom, which we haven't gotten to yet), and it is REALLY nice looking with our dark furniture.  What a huge difference paint makes!


Today we are headed back to Twentynine Palms to visit my mom, take a break from all this renovation/house issues/unpacking/et cetera, and get our dog back (whom my mom and step-dad have been watching for 3.5 months).  Gwydd doesn't want to go when we have so much stuff to finish... but I think the break would be good for us.  Give us a break!  The last week has been insanely busy and stressful!

I can't wait to see my dog! :-)

pregnant_niamh [userpic]


October 14th, 2010 (10:55 am)

I feel: ecstatic

I haven't been updating my journal on the house stuff! *gasp* For my friends and family who aren't on my Facebook, ya'll must be so out of the loop on what's going on, haha. :-P

Anyways, we have a house! If you remember in a previous entry, our offer on "Grandma's House" (named because it looked like an old folk's house, lol) was accepted (but with stipulations). But after our offer was accepted, the "Berry House" (named because the street name ends in "...berry"), which we had previously put an offer on but was out-bid, was available again. The old woman who out-bid us got cold feet and dropped out... so "Berry House" was back on the market!

From then, we had a slight dilemma about whether to go through with Grandma's House, which we had already been accepted for... or to go with the Berry House, which we both liked better.

Initially, Gwyddion didn't want to go with Berry because as he had already gotten used to the fact that we weren't getting it (from being out-bid) and he was getting used to Grandma's House. But he asked me straight forward, "Which house would you rather have?" Both houses were great and I didn't want to be the one who made the final decision if it didn't work out, HAHA, but the butthead made me choose (lol). I said, sheepishly, "honestly, of the two houses, I'd much rather have Berry." And so, we put in an offer on Berry house.

We were accepted right away! Woohoo! After the inspection and working out who was paying for what damages (ie, there was a termite extermination... no damages from that, other inspections turned out fine), we withdrew our offer on Grandma's House.

Unfortunately, during the closing process, Gwydd's unit decides it's time to go out in the field for three weeks and do training stuff (military crap). It was the WORST time for this because (a) I'd have to be closing on the house all by myself (eep!); (b) He'd be leaving on our 7th wedding anniversary, which was Sept 22nd; and (c) He'd miss my birthday, which was Oct. 1st. Because of all this stuff, he tried to get out of going out to the field, but his higher ups weren't having any of it. He'd have to go. He did, however, convince them to allow Gwydd to bring his cell phone, which he wasn't supposed to have.

So before Gwydd left, he bought a bunch of pre-made dinners for me (because I can't cook, haha) and gave explicit instructions on closing and household affairs (how and when to pay which bills online and whatnot). It was pretty nerve-wracking, but I think I did well (he'll be back from the field tomorrow)! However, of course, when Gwydd leaves, several things in the apartment decide to die, haha. First, a few days after he left, the light in the eating area (it's too much of a stretch to call it a "dining room") went out. There's no way I can reach that light, so we've had to do without it for about two and a half weeks. Then, I catch Rain playing with my digital camera and she's slobbered all over it and kills it. I tried letting is air out, but the thing is fried. Won't even turn on anymore. Then out of nowhere, the X-Box-360 remote control decides that certain vital buttons on it aren't going to register anymore... not a huge deal, but rather inconvenient. I can't wait until my husband comes home!!

Anyways, back to the house stuff... so despite Gwydd being out of town during closing, I was able to do it all by myself! With two kids under 4. :-D I signed all the closing papers on October 7th, they went through on the 12th, and our Real Estate Agent dropped off the keys on the 13th! Berry House is totally and officially OURS now!!
Click here for picturesCollapse )

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Dhabolt Family Recipe Book

September 1st, 2010 (09:15 am)

I feel: creative

Click here to view this photo book larger

pregnant_niamh [userpic]

We're in a pickle!

August 28th, 2010 (02:09 pm)

I feel: nervous

Well, we went from no houses to two.

As my previous entry stated, we got accepted for Grandma's House! (Yay!)  However, the previous house we put an offer on (but got beat by another offer) just got put back on the market!  Apparently, the person we were competing with was an old woman who offered to put $100,000 as a down-payment! (WOW!  No wonder she won, lol)  But apparently, she got cold feet about the whole thing and completely backed out of it.  Also, Thor tells us that the sellers WERE going to go with our offer (we offered $235k with $7k toward closing), but when that woman offered $100k down-payment, they couldn't refuse.

So we're in the running again!

But that also kind of puts us in a pickle.  Should we go with Grandma's House (which was already accepted) or the Berry House (that's what I'm calling it... the street name ends in "...berry", but I don't want to give the full street name online... anyways, the Berry House was my favorite)?

Grandma's House

accepted offer: $232k, $9k toward closing costs
1680 sq feet
3 BR
2 BA
Needs new floors *before* we move in
NEEDS fencing (cha ching!)
Can't move in til November 1st
Kitchen will eventually need full remodeling
Nice BIG tree in front and back yard (a plus for us)

Berry House
offer (not *officially* accepted yet, but has been verbally accepted): $235k with $7k toward closing
1630 sq feet
4 BR
2.5 BA (the half-bath is connected to what would be Seamus' room, and that is *incredibly* convenient for us)
Practically turn-key (no immediate work needed)
Floors are nice, but we will eventually replace them... but certainly livable until we build up funds.
Minimal, eventual kitchen remodeling (only need to, eventually replace the counter tops and the fronts of the cabinets.  WAY less work needed than Grandma's House... plus the kitchen in Berry is just AMAZING!)
The bedrooms are small.
Wrap-around back/side yard with private yard to master bedroom (we love this.  We'd make our private yard that connects to our bedroom a garden and that's also where we'd house the compost bin)
Already has fencing.
Closing will be *as* late as October 15th.  So we'd be in house at least 2 weeks sooner.

I *LOVE* so many things about the Berry House.  It's not as open a layout as G-ma's House, but I still LOVE the layout.  It works perfectly for us!  The only *real* negative to this house is the bedroom sizes.  Because there's 4 bedrooms instead of 3 and since it's essentially the same sq footage as G-ma's House, the bedrooms ARE quite a bit smaller.  This is NOT a deal breaker for us though.  We can TOTALLY live with small bedrooms, especially when we have 4 bedrooms instead of 3.

What we are going to do:  Thor has not sent the *final* papers from G-ma's House yet, so he's putting in our offer on Berry and trying to put a rush on their response.  If they accept, we are going with Berry!  Which I am SUPER excited about.  I loved that house!  But if we can't get Berry, then we'll stick with G-ma's House and we'd still be happy. :-)

Either way is a win... but Berry would be SOOOOO much better!

pregnant_niamh [userpic]

We got it!

August 27th, 2010 (09:39 am)

I feel: happy

Good news:  They accepted our offer!  We are now in esgrow and waiting to close on Grandma's House! :-D  I'm thrilled.  The owner's family will also be offering us an *additional* $2,000 to go toward closing.  This is because:

Bad news: We won't be able to move in until around beginning to mid November. *SAD FACE!*  The family of the owner (who ended up passing away, sadly) is celebrating a wedding in October and all of the previous owner's items will not be moved out of the house until November.  So they agree to our offer, WITH an additional 2 grand credit given to us, if we agree to not moving in until that point.  I'm not thrilled about that at all as I want to get the hell out of this crappy apartment (and I am SOOOO sick of using disposable diapers!!  I can't WAIT to get our cloth back!)... *but* I guess we will have to deal.  It is pretty awesome to have an extra 2 grand.  That'll ease the costs we'll be spending to replace the floors in the house, as well as remodeling the kitchen.  So it's worth it.

Overall, I'm very happy about this.  The house is a nice decent size.  Rooms are big.  There is TONS of potential.  Yes, we'll have to replace the hideous puke-green-tobacco-smelling carpet before we move in and we will have to remodel the kitchen (which is what we planned on doing in the short-sale house anyways) AND we will need to eventually put in fencing in the backyard, but the layout is pretty much exactly what we were looking for.  The front of the house is very nice.  There's a huge tree in the front yard and a huge tree in the back, which we love.  The yard is nice and big.  Most importantly, I can see our family growing and being happy here. :-)  It's a nice FAMILY home.  Here are some pics:Read more...Collapse )

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Another new house

August 20th, 2010 (01:16 pm)

I feel: hopeful

So we didn't get the other house. Boo. Rather sad about it. There was another offer on it and they offered a higher cash down payment, so they got it. Damn.

Yesterday a new house became available... and in fact, we were the first ones to view it today. It's got nice curb appeal and is at the end of a street by a hill, which adds some privacy. We like that. I'm not crazy about the street it's on, but that's not a deal-breaker.

So we walk into the home and Holy Grandma's House, Batman! 70's decor galore. Baby crap green shag carpeting, hideous orange/brown laminate in the kitchen, the place majorly smells of tobacco... etc. Now, aside from the flooring, the house is actually a really nice layout! Very open, which is exactly what I wanted. But do to the initial "old people" feel of the house, we have officially called this house "Grandma's House". LOL. It just feels like a house that you'd inherit from a grandparent, haha. In fact, it seems this house became available because the owner is a very old man who got sick and had to go to a nursing home. :-( All the furniture was still in there, but most of it was also for sale.

Anyways, stat's on...
Grandma's House:

3 bedrooms
2 full baths
1680 sq ft.

The bedrooms are nice and big too, something that we're very happy for! And the two bathrooms are also a good size. I was kind of getting used to the idea of 3 bathrooms (most of the houses we have been seeing are 3 baths), but all we really need are two, so it's not really an issue.  The size of the lot it's on is also really great... it's on a third of an acre, so we've got a pretty decent sized front and back yard. :-D

Overall, we really like this house.  Nice and open, LOTS of potential.  Definitely feels very homey.  I can see us raising a family in this house.  Gwydd likes this house more than the one from the other day (the one we lost), but I liked the other one a bit better.  Though I love this place too. :-)

What we don't like about it:

  • I don't care much for the street it's on.  Gwydd doesn't know what my problem is though, haha.  But even so, it's not a big deal.
  • We'll have to replace the carpeting immediately, before moving it.  Which is an initial cost up front.  Not crazy about that, but we're definitely ok with it.
  • Here's the biggie: NO FENCE!  That's a bit of a big deal, mostly because of our dog... she's the kind of dog that likes to run off.  Now, this is actually not as big an issue than it normally would be for us because there is a HUGE tree in the backyard (another great thing about the place), so until we're able to put up a fence we can just tether the dog to the tree (of course, that would just be temporary)
  • The kitchen needs updating.
None of those "cons" are deal breakers and we can definitely live with them.  Every house we saw (even our favorite, which we didn't get, has cons).

What we offered:

$232k with $7,000 toward closing costs; including the bookshelves in the house. (we really liked them... oddly enough, all the wood furniture in the house was almost exactly our style, LOL... so we asked for the bookshelves to be included)

The Other House (no cutesy name for it):

We did look at another house today, but it was a total sh*thole.  Looked really ugly on the outside, inside had horrid carpeting (obviously those could be replaced though), there was MAJOR flood damage, TINY kitchen, TINY rooms, no yard, etc etc.  It just was NOT a nice place at all.  The *only* nice thing it had going for it was that it had a basement and cellar, which was pretty cool... but it did NOT make up for the rest of the house.  I seriously think that house was like a crack house or something.  It was terrible.  Definitely crossed off the list!


So cross your fingers that they accept our offer!! :-D  I want Grandma's House!

pregnant_niamh [userpic]

Friggin' PISSED!

August 18th, 2010 (05:53 pm)

I feel: angry

Several months ago some high school kid shows up at our door with his dad. He's selling subscriptions to the local newspaper because he's saving up for a trip to Washington D.C. Usually we just say "we're not interested" for stuff like that... but that day, Gwydd felt particularly generous and agreed.

He paid $28 for 8 weeks of newspaper and planned to cancel the subscription after the 8 weeks.

We only get 7 weeks of newspaper. But whatever... after the 8 weeks, he goes online and cancels the subscription on the website. The website tells him that they are unable to complete the cancellation and that he'd have to call the office and unsubscribe through the phone. So that's what he does.

So alright, it's canceled... or so we thought.

We get a bill in the mail for the next 8 weeks... even though we canceled and didn't get newspapers that whole time. We call their office and complain. They are apologetic and tell us they canceled our subscription and voided the bill. Ok, good.

A couple weeks go buy and then we get a call from the newspaper asking us why we haven't paid our bill. WHAT THE FUCK! So Gwydd explains everything again. They apologize and tell him they fixed the error.

Then we get another high school kid at our door selling newspaper subscriptions with her dad so she could win a trip to D.C. I refuse and tell them what happened... her dad is just flabbergasted and can't believe the newspaper company did that to us. He apologizes on their behalf (even though he has nothing to do with the newspaper... he's just trying to help his daughter out) and he is totally understanding as to why we wouldn't help them.

Anyways, a few weeks later to today... after we have moved to a different city, Gwydd gets a call (about 5 minutes ago). It's a fucking collections agency. The newspaper company sent our bill to collections! So now a collection agency is looking for their money. Gwydd tells him what happened. He gives him our new address so that they can send a collection notice to us (which will have instructions on there explaining how to dispute the claim).

We have damned near PERFECT credit! My credit score is in the 800's and Gwydd's is in the high 700's. If ***THIS*** is what fucks up our chances for getting our house, all hell is going to break through! We are *FUMING* over this!

All because we decided to be generous and help a kid out!

(Sorry I said the F-word a lot.)

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New House

August 17th, 2010 (04:19 pm)

I feel: excited

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San Diego Zoo

August 13th, 2010 (09:06 am)

I feel: exhausted

On Wednesday, we decided to go to the San Diego Zoo. :-D  We figured "Why not?" since we live in San Diego County now and the zoo was a little less than an hour away.

Anyways, check out the pictures!!:

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August 10th, 2010 (04:20 pm)

I feel: bored

Playing with Rhiannon on our last day in Twentynine Palms:

Bouncing Rhiannon on the air mattress in our tiny apartment:

Seamus, Mom, and Dad playing the LadyBug game:

Tomorrow we're going to the San Diego Zoo. :-D

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Well... I shaved!

July 18th, 2010 (04:20 pm)

I feel: hot

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Mind if I complain a bit? Too bad, I will! ;-)

July 16th, 2010 (04:15 pm)

I feel: cranky

Good gods this week has been frustrating.

First... the heat
. It's been between 100-120 all week. We don't have A/C, just a swamp cooler. And swamp coolers don't work if the humidity is over 7%. Unfortunately, several days it HAS been over 7% humidity. Plus, whomever designed this house was a complete moron when it comes to air circulation. The swamp cooler is in the hallway, and the air doesn't circulate throughout the house because there's no vents really. So we've been sweating our asses off every day. I feel disgusting. I can't wait to be in a house with actual A/C.

We've all been pretty cranky the last week. Poor Rhiannon can't sleep more than 20 minutes at a time during the day because she's just HOT. She sleeps the whole night, usually with her door closed, but last night I had to leave it open so she could get SOME cool air in there (from the swamp cooler that barely works).

House stuff
: It looks like we're probably going to get accepted for the house. Our dream house (the big one), the one we didn't get accepted (because of STUPID reasons), was sold. *sigh* Our second choice though (the two story) is the one we're waiting on. Like I said, we will probably be accepted though. We were accepted by the sellers already, right after we made the offer over a month ago... we've just been waiting on the seller's bank to accept it. It's a short-sale, and those take FOREVER. The bank recently sent us some paperwork to sign and our real estate agent says that's a really good indication that the bank is going to accept. Yay!

However, even if they accept and go into escrow, it'll be another 30 days or so before we actually close and can move in. We are moving out of our house here in about 2 weeks time. So we'll have to find a small apartment to live in until we close on the house and can move in. These next few weeks are not going to be fun. *sigh*

I can't wait until we can move into the new house though. I'm really looking forward to having three bathrooms, lol. That was one thing we really loved about this house... each bedroom has it's own bathroom. :-D And the bar in the back yard is very lovely. We've been planning out where our furniture's going to go. :-)

Rain's vaxes
: Remember my journal entry where Gwydd and I were *pissed* at the hospital because they kept recording a vaccination in their records that wasn't given to Rain? The Hep B vaccine that we refused her to get. Anyways, I sent a formal complaint to the hospital about it. Today I called to make an appt for Rain's 6 month check-up and shots. The guy on the phone was someone in charge. He set up the appt and then asked if we were the ones who made the complaint about the vaccination center. I said yes, that was us. He told me that after I made the complaint, the whole vaccination center had to go through a training session again, where it was emphasized that they do NOT just copy and paste all the "routine" vaccines (which is what they were doing) and that they input each *individual* vaccination AS it is given. I said, "Good." So yeah...

Internet issues
: For the past three days, the internet has been going in and out. It'll be on for about 1-2 hours in the morning, but then it'll go out every 5-10 minutes. 20, if we're lucky. And it'll stay out for about 5-30 minutes. It's been INSANELY frustrating! And since we have cable internet, our CABLE keeps going out too. I like to have TV shows on in the background at our house, so it's been hair-rippingly frustrating when the cable goes off every 5-10 minutes... sometimes in the middle of shows I'm actually watching. I finally got fed up with that and started watching our Law & Order: SVU DVDs.

We called Time Warner Cable 2 days ago, and they said it's a "known issue in your area and our technicians have been working on fixing the problem." Thankfully, day #3, it SEEMS like it may be fixed. The internet has been up for about 2.5 hours. :-D

Every time the internet would pop back on, I'd go "Yes!" and try to do something real quick before it shut off. Sometimes I was able to... sometimes not. I wanted to try to play the sims 3 (don't need the internet for that), but my stupid awesomemod has expired... UGH! So in between internet blackouts, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling awesomemod. Problem is, I'm a fucking idiot and can't figure it out. My game keeps crashing. I *think* I'm putting it in the correct places, and I'm trying to follow the directions, but it's not working. I'd ask for help online at the awesomemod message boards, but people are so fucking bitchy about it if you are having troubles. I understand where they're coming from (I also get really frustrated when trying to explain how to do certain html codes to people who are like internet-illiterate... I just want to bang my head into a wall), but I just want someone to help without calling me a moron.  I've read searched threads, but I'm still an idiot and can't figure it out.

So I can't play my game. The heat is CRAZY and I feel sticky and gross.  We're going to go to Denny's tonight... JUST so we can sit somewhere with freakin' A/C.  Sorry if this entry sounded too complain-y or whiny... :-P

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